Yes. Well…

This would be me


Thank you for reading although I take it I asked you to come here. If you came here of your own accord, thank you even more. My name is Adam. I am pretty Cornish, rather synical… this is my blog site. If you know me I await your judgement, however I’ll accept it in the form of a handwritten letter and nothing else. If you do not then perfect, let’s move on.

For the most part, this blog shall be my way of reviewing anything I get my hands on be it a latest film, album, new audio equipment or gadgets of some kind. If you are interested in anything media related including the technologies within the creation of media there may be something here of interest to you. I am very opinionated on these things but I will be weighing up pros and cons as objectively as I can manage. I hope in doing this I can help shed some light on something for someone. Either way thanks for reading and I hope you find something useful.


P.S. I originally wanted to use this for film critic type posts only, and I like football… so the blog title ‘The FC’ seemd suitable enough. EXPLAINED.


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