Chasing Yesterday; Noel’s latest masterpiece reviewed

Chasing Yesterday has been with us for six weeks… it’s been a great six weeks.

The chief has delivered, yet again, an album full of fantastically written songs which scream rock and roll just as it would have if it was written in the ’90s. Saying that, the chorus of ‘Lock All The Doors’ has been flowing around in Noel’s mind for 23 years. It was never finished as an Oasis song and to be honest, I am pleased. It is class. Is it just me, or do many artists who come back and release new music lose their spark and slow down. It’s as if they aren’t allowed to write a song at more than 75 beats per minute. That’s not a bad thing, I probably just want Noel to write more ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’s but that’s not to say I’m not open to hearing him go in different directions with his music. In an interview he said himself “you could take a pair of tracks and play them today and think, ‘Fucking hell, he’s gone insane, what’s he done there?‘”. Believe me, what he does then and now just works.


I’m not going to be able to say anything bad about this album to be honest. The man’s one of my idols so there’s potentially a certain amount of bias in my opinion. Still, I stand by this album being the best in rock for a long time. Since I first heard it ‘In The Heat of The Moment’ has been my favourite song in a long time. If it helps, NME have written about the new album being the fastest selling album so far this year… wanna read it? CLICK HERE

Noel-Gallagher-Mattia-Zoppellaro-Resized1-320x320If you’re a fan of Oasis but never cared for the High Flying Birds then I’m with you. I never listened to the first album, still haven’t all the way through I seem to have skipped it… what I’ve heard is good I’ll go get on that. But something about the singles from Chasing Yesterday awoke my love for organic British rock. It wins. Undeniably rock is pretty solid at the minute. Foo Fighters gave us Sonic Highways last year, as Kasabian out did themselves with 48:13. Muse is looking promising again since the release of their new single ‘Psycho’ and while all of these are exciting, I haven’t replayed and replayed an album as I have Noel’s for a long time.

There it is. In conclusion, I say listen to it. I was lucky enough to have the deluxe album given to me by my girlfriend which includes ‘Do The Damage’ which simply should not have been left off the standard release.

Thank you for reading! If I have convinced you to have a listen and you love the album as much as I do, you’re welcome. If you want to see what else I go on to review but aren’t a user of WordPress to follow then you can keep up with my posts through Twitter @AJMatulewicz

P.S… track listing? Yeah why not, here’s the track listing.

‘In the Heat of the Moment’
‘The Girl With X-ray Eyes’
‘Lock All the Doors’
‘The Dying of the Light’
‘The Right Stuff’
‘While the Song Remains the Same’
‘The Mexican’
‘You Know We Can’t Go Back’
‘Ballad of the Mighty I’

Bonus tracks

‘Do the Damage’
‘Revolution Song’
‘Freaky Teeth’
‘In the Heat of the Moment’ (remix)

Apparently there is another bonus song called ‘Leave My Guitar Alone’. I haven’t heard it yet, if you have leave a comment and tell me what you think.



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