Men of talent have a part to play in the war to come: Game of Thrones season five premier

I am not up to date with the books. I have read the first two and they really are fantastic but I’m one to enjoy the surprises brought to me on screen through the stunning scenery of Northern Ireland, Croatia and Iceland.

Tywin Lannister, the force to be reckoned with has left his offspring lost without him (minus Tyrion). Thanks to the shows first flashback we see Cersei’s childhood encounter with a witch. This (at least for me) has cleared up her cause to defend her place of power from Margaery which to be honest I had assumed was just petty jealousy of how beautiful she is. I do also wander if we are to see Cersei begin the hunt for Tyrion how ever needless it may be now. Her hatred of him aside, I’m so excited to see if he bites back once more with Daenerys and her army on his tail. This intrigues me. If I was asked from the start who I thought may be the first to encounter Daenerys I would not have said Tyrion, let alone being joined by Varys.

Talking of the Mother of Dragons… what is going on there? She has really lost her touch. I mean she sat back a bit and settled last season to build an army and strength but here she has no dominance over her dragons anymore. Lets be honest though, if you chain up a dragon it is not going to behave how you hope. Smaug was crazy enough and he had the entire halls of Erebor to play in (crossing worlds a tad). And as for her unsullied, they clearly need looking after. I was confused to see one enter a brothel but I just assumed they finally started taking advantage of being free men. Nope, not allowed. Those guys in the masks better be revealed soon.


Unsurprisingly, a death is on the cards from the start of this season. As Jon Snow said, Mance was afraid to show he was afraid but his face failed to hide this once Melisandre started the flames. I’ll be honest I stupidly thought he would be the first character to be miraculously saved. With Jon storming off I though some water was about to be poured over Mance… but no the death was just sped along. Fair enough, as it should be in Game of Thrones.

It was a great episode but I was disappointed to have to wait on news of Arya. Being my favourite character in both the books and the show I need to know how she is finding her way alone without the Hound. My preferences aside I do have a theory. I must state again that I have not read past the second book. Whether I’m right or wrong I do not want to be told. Since we met Gendry I assumed we were to see him brought to the right people who can reveal who he is. Eddard was beheaded before he could take this information very far. Gendry was then sent away from the company of Stannis and Melisandre which got my hopes up for a story in season four… there wasn’t one. Now, I am not saying I expect him to appear yet but to me it seems we have not heard the last of the Bull. Maybe he’ll come back older in the form of Christian Bale… anyone see it? I’ll leave it there and say no more on that for now. I’d hate to annoy anyone who really knows what is going on with my lack of knowledge

I’ll be off. Do try and resist watching the episodes which were supposedly leaked, and enjoy the show week by week as they should be.



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