Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Return: Avengers Age of Ultron

Too many one liners. There I said it. By the way I should warn you before you read on (if anyone is reading on), there will be spoilers. tumblr_ngabu3paNT1skzooso1_1280 Still here? Let us continue… So last night I saw Avengers Age of Ultron. Before I go any further you have my word it is fantastic. Everything you want from an Avengers movie is here. It had the buzz of excitement the first one had, with an all new sense of doubt. I was anxious watching this one, I wasn’t sure who was safe or how it might end which is unusual for a Marvel film. I had been unsettled by Joss Whedon’s statement in an interview with Empire magazine suggesting “I kill them! All of them! I do it!” And you know what? After Age of Ultron, I’m not ruling this out for the future. You’ll understand when you see see it. As mentioned at the start the one liners in the film go a bit far. I was sat there laughing just as much as the rest of the audience in the cinema, they just need to make sure they aren’t adding to the amount this is used in Infinity War. I do however, love the idiotic banter around Thor based on his misunderstanding of how us mortals work. He’s catching on at this point but the humour is still there. My favourite scene of the entire film in fact involved the team sat around drinking. They decide to take it in turns to try and lift the hammer. Quite an interesting point to come to since this time in the first movie we hear Thor’s mighty line “you want me to put the hammer down!?” I think Thor is taking Caps place as my favourite character. Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 19.19.33ANYWAY, they all obviously fail. Even Banner tries to lift it in his normal human form. Don’t worry he rages. Once Steve steps up however and the hammer ever so subtly tilts up from the table, Thor soils himself. Hemsworth’s acting is great here and I love how Steve is almost considered worthy enough to lift the hammer… either that or it’s because he’s stupidly strong. I don’t know if this alludes to any plot points from a comic, but it’s just awesome. I haven’t heard anyone else’s view on Ultron yet. Personally, I think he should have been much more scary like in his first form. He should have stayed that way. Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 19.59.52I understand he builds himself up to be stronger and better so he’s going to end up looking pretty cool. But the broken, limping struggle he first appears to be in is very chilling. James Spader undeniably did a great job voicing Ultron so overall, no major disappointments. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Now they were good. I’m already excited to see further development in the next Marvel phase. I was worried I would just see Kick Ass but that is so not the case. We met Ultron 2.0 when the film loops on itself part way through. Stark can’t help himself basically. This creation of some human tissue and an infinity stone is integrated with JAVIS. Yeah. Paul Bettany was very good now playing the almost real life form JARVIS if it’s easier to see him that way. It is not made clear in the film exactly what he is. The name Vision is used very late on and while this is correct, you have to sit back and think about this new and sudden plot point when the film ends. I did anyway.thanh-nien-game-avengers-vision-01-1 I want feeling 100% satisfied when I left the cinema this time round. I mean, when I left from the first film I felt like I needed to just go and avenge something. You really felt this was a serious struggle for the Avengers and I really did worry about the outcome during the final battle. Maybe I need to watch this one again knowing from the start what Vision is, the significance of the life stone on his forehead and just in general to piece it all together. If you have had similar feelings leave a comment below, I’m interested to see if anyone else feels this way. Regardless, still awesome and obviously you have to go watch it. Bring on Guardians of the Galaxy 2! I raise that Ant-Man is out next (July 17), but Guardians needs to hurry up. Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-2-Movie-Logo-Official Thanks for reading. I am on Twitter if you want to keep up with these posts @AJMatulewicz. Unless you follow on here of course… BYE.


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