Daredevil: The first Defender

This is Marvels answer to recent DC shows. DC have proven that they own the gritty, realistic superhero theme since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. This has always flown with Marvel while they stick to their comical, cheesy action (not bad cheesy) but it looks like their Netflix series’ are going to follow the superhero TV standard recently set by Arrow. I am only on episode 4 of Daredevil but I feel like I’ll be nearing the end by the time I turn it off tonight.


Already at episode two director Adam Kane demonstrates this more real and innovative style in the Marvel universe. I haven’t seen the 2003 film with Batfleck but I’m not convinced it adopted this style successfully. I like the feel of a Marvel film but it’s great to finally watch a fight that feels real. Episode 2 “Cut Man” features my favourite fight in the series so far. Matt rescues a kidnapped child and the way the bad guys continue to come back at him until they are truly defeated is fantastic. This scene was beautifully shot in the way that the camera tracks the fight up and down the corridor, and is just as beautifully choreographed. Even the fight scenes in Arrow and The Flash don’t quite feel as exciting and real.


Don’t get me wrong, they’re still badass. But Daredevil does what other shows like this aren’t doing and gives the bad guys a chance in a fight unlike the way Oliver Queen can knock them clean out with a strike of his bow. The way sound design is used to portray what Matt sees in a fight is genius and works very well, and this isn’t even over done or unrealistic.

This show really does feel like a movie. It also feels like DC, even writing this I keep forgetting that it is in fact Marvel. They have pulled off a convincing, realistic hero brilliantly with Daredevil and I can’t wait to see the rest of the Defenders within the Netflix series’. The final phase of the Marvel cinematic universe is about to begin (how Gandalf does that sound), but the studio itself are only getting started.


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6 thoughts on “Daredevil: The first Defender

  1. I loved this series and absolutely can’t wait for more. The fight scene in the second episode was all shot in one take, too! I still can’t believe that. It’s such a great show — so glad it’s getting a second season.


    1. Oh wow, I figured it may have been in one take but the fighting is so well done it must have been so hard. That makes it even better. I agree, it deserves a second season!

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      1. Charlie Cox apparently did most of the stunt work in that scene, too. There was one special kick he couldn’t do that his stunt double did for him. I think with how they filmed it — keeping the camera in the hallway — made it easier for the stunt man and Charlie to switch out.

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      2. Totally agree! Charlie Cox seems to really enjoy the role, as well, so that’s a plus. Means he won’t be half-assing anything!

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      3. That’s true I think he’s really going to give us everything he’s got with it. Did you ever see the film? I don’t know what his performance is like compared to Ben Aflecks


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