“My Name… is Oliver Queen”: Arrow finale

Ummm… yeah I don’t know where to start with this season. Season two of Arrow was without a doubt my favourite show on television last year. It was absolutely incredible. It followed on nicely from season one and had, let’s face it, the best villain the show may see. Season three however has not been my favourite. I have enjoyed The Flash more than Arrow this time around. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been any good. Let’s look back a bit.

Oliver Queen continued his crusade in Starling City while losing a much beloved friend. Personally, I was glad about Sarah kicking the bucket. I just couldn’t take to the character over her time on the show and I think that was partly down to Caity Lotz. I’m sure she’s great, but for me she didn’t quite fit the bill. Besides, with Sarah gone there was finally room for Laurel to step up. There has been SO much hate over the past year towards Katie Cassidy and that really grinds my gears! I think she is fantastic. We see her slowly train up and getting her ass kicked which brings back some of the realism to the show, but since when is she capable of taking on multiple assassins of the League!? This is where I began losing interest. The League of Assassins. They have ruined everything I loved about Arrow. Their presence last season was fine and I certainly enjoyed their coming to Starling to help fight Deathstroke’s Mirakuru soldiers.


Ra’s al ghul. Who even is he? I thought I knew when he was simply Liam Neeson. Is the name just a title? If you have a better understanding of this, please let me know! I would love to understand. He has just ripped apart this show for me. I really enjoyed the season up until his fight against Oliver. I just wish he stayed “dead” for a few episodes to really keep us guessing what had happened. His come back to Starling was epic though, that speech he gave atop a car to the people of the city was cool. It’s just what I needed to get excited again. Anyway, from then on I wasn’t interested in the story of Oliver becoming the next Demon’s Head. I felt like this is where the show lost it’s touch. I understand the character of Oliver needs to progress and we can’t just have Arrow after the bad guys each episode, but it’s been far too long since this happened. I think the last we saw of the Arrow was Roy’s plan to save Oliver from going to jail? That was cool to be fair. If I had to be honest though, my favourite part of the whole series was Oliver and Thea’s fight against Slade. Having him back for an episode was a blessing. I thank the writers for that one.


The way I see it this is how Arrow has ranked so far:

Season One: Great story, great flashbacks

Season Two: Fantastic story, equally fantastic flashbacks

Season Three: Up and down story (at best), very uninteresting flashbacks

arrow-my-name-is-oliver-queen-the-flashAnyway the final episode… I am not happy with the conclusion. To be honest I’m confused. I could not stand to watch this show with Oliver gone and not being the Arrow. I know heroes are replaced all the time. It is a theme and an identity and not a specific character that makes that hero. This will be difficult to get used to if someone takes over. That said he’ll be back and hopefully as the Arrow. The fact that his sister is now the Red Arrow upsets me too, I wanted Roy to return. Oh this episode did nothing for me I’ll be honest. My favourite part, and this is the truth, was when the Flash saved the team from the fortress.

I like the idea of Malcolm taking the role of Ras. This was interesting, and it did have me wandering for a moment when Oliver killed Ras whether he meant to take his place all along. It seemed like the end of Oliver as the Arrow what with his voice over closing that chapter on his life. Then again, there would have been a bigger deal made about him leaving and I’m probably worrying about nothing. Besides, we haven’t seen the end of those flashbacks yet.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 00.18.54

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