The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash Season One Review

As many people did, I began watching The Flash thanks to Barry Allen’s cameo appearance in season two of Arrow… back when his appearances weren’t the best part of the show. I remember when he turned up and my knowledge on the Flash was practically non-existent. I didn’t know who Barry Allen was, and I wasn’t too bothered by the character. Obviously, once we see him struck by lightning I jumped out of my seat (maybe that’s an exaggeration) and realised “THAT’S THE FLASH!”


The show began with a massively slow start in my opinion. It was hard not to compare the show to Arrow, and I think the problem was that Arrow was so to the point and gritty that the long build up of Barry 92AI4E2OyzNnnxRjTv55qlCBtSYgetting used to his powers was ironically slow. It wasn’t the worst thing to watch though, no matter how long it meant following the ‘bad guy of the week’ template. Metahumans are great though. Having a reason why all these people are messed up with powers it’s great. It even distracted the idea of who Dr. Wells was for a little while. I really began to love the show once the Reverse Flash came into play. I did my research on the Flash as best I could without finding major spoilers. A housemate of mine introduced me to Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox which really is a brilliant film, I recommend it. Knowing that the Flash is stupidly overpowered seems to put some people off him, I love it. He can run so fast that he can create a time boom and go back in time… come on!

So knowing this about the Flash and the story of the death of his mother that the show was taking, it was clear that time travel was coming. We all know we were taken for idiots by the writers with Wells and his identity. How long did they toy with who he was when we all knew what was going on? I think that’s the one main downside to this season for me. I did assume we would see more consequences from when Barry first travels back in time when facing the Weather Wizard (how many Spartacus actors are they using), or maybe there were and I missed that… it was great though.

So the season finale was perfect. How could they end it like that!? I am not pleased about waiting to find out what’s going to happen. A housemate told me he liked the idea that Flash changing the timeline in this episode may sort out all the things that went wrong in Arrow and could revert Oliver back to being the Arrow. I wouldn’t imagine this is to happen, the writers can’t throw out such a massive game changer through expecting everybody to be watching both the shows. I do love the idea though. I wonder d if Eddie was going to play a crucial part, but I considered him dying I just figured it would never happen as it would alter too much… surely. Not complaining about being surprised though, like I said this episode was perfect.imageI was very pleased that Barry chose not to go through with saving his mother. That would have only led to series two being an alternate version of series one. If Barry wasn’t meant to get his powers because of Thawne in the first place however, I would be I interested to find out how else it would have happened. This was a much needed breath of fresh air. If you have read my recent Arrow review you will know what I mean. The Flash series finale delivered and it will be keeping me wandering all the way up to series two.

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