E3: Day I

I’ll admit I almost forgot E3 had started! It’s the downside to being on holiday but once I was messaged by a good few people about THIS… image I couldn’t resist writing something. It seems that the theme so fast has been on classics. We have seen gameplay for Star Wars Battlefront, Zelda and the long awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII. I want to start with my feelings toward Battlefront. They have been mixed of late. Originally I hadn’t gotten too excited as it seemed like they would fail and remove everything that made it great. The fact that space battles are no more was all I needed to not buy the game. I assumed they would then drop game modes and hero’s and make it yet another “exciting” first person shooter. OH how wrong I was (grinning face). image Part way through the E3 gameplay footage I assumed it would end with a hero, possibly Luke. We get Luke/ Vader face off!!! Thank you DICE. image The whole look of the game so far is perfect. It feels like Star Wars, it looks like a Battlefront game. There is clear structure to the battle, a well fitting voice speaks out to the soldiers of new objectives and targets while strategy is placed to work around the requirements of the battle. There are so many dynamics on the field including the chance to fly TIE fighters. image This sort of makes up for the lack of space battles. They would be hard to be made to look as great as the land missions to be fair. I just hope we get hero stand offs like Assault Mos Eisley. Watch the Battlefront 3 gameplay video here. Has anyone seen the gameplay of Uncharted 4 yet? In my eyes, just as amazing as Battlefront. I have been a fan of Naughty Dogs explosive action series since the start and I have locked in to save for a PS4 since the announcement of number 4. The original teaser shown a more real life looking Nate, and this carries to gameplay. Everything is more lifelike from the shoving through crowds to the way everyone fights. Sully has even become more useful. He handles a gun well and has Nate’s back in a fight. image The main feature of the gameplay footage was the escape from the truck. The landscape was fantastic and Nate drives in and out of roads and streets to avoid gun fire. What’s new is the fact that this isn’t so linear and it seems the player can drive where they wish to find their way out of the trucks site. I love the style of the game so I expect and hope for the way the previous ones are played, but this mixes it up. We witness some classic jumping from impossible ledge to impossible ledge. My personal favourite of this is the new grappling book Nate uses at the end to hang down off the truck. All I’m looking forward to now is finding out why they were being chased out of the city. image Watch the Uncharted 4 gamely video here.

Where do you start with such a surprise as Final Fantasy VII. There must be those who did expect it but I only assumed the original PS3 demo at E3 some years ago was to demonstrate what Square Enix were capable of… not what they were secretly working towards! I am so pleased to see that Yoshinori Kitase is producing this. If this is to be done it has to be done right. And I mean the story must be accurate, boss battles can not be skipped (including the Midgar Zolom) and Yuffie has to be a random battle in a Forrest. What Sony revealed today shows that the feel of the game will keep that of Advent Children what with the sinister piano theme. The graphics have come along way. Every time I see new FF I think “okay, that looks real”. This time I mean it. The civilians at the train stop are real life I swear. If this carries to the main party and hopefully to gameplay as close as possible then my hat off to you Square. It couldn’t have been more perfect to end the tease with a close up of Barrett’s gun arm and Cloud with the buster sword so proudly displayed on his back. I can not wait. Just keep the voices from AC and you have won. Watch the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement video here. image Looking forward to tomorrow… New Tony Hawks coming? Thanks for reading. If you wish to keep up with my posts check out my Twitter @AJMatulewicz BYE


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