Terminator Genisys: Back to the past

The Terminator series got confusing as I’m sure many will agree. I cannot say I remember the third instalment well, and as for Salvation… well, forget that even happened! I did like Salvation, I would watch it again for sure but the story and timeline is lost on me and to be honest, Genisys has disregarded it. A quick warning… SPOILERS FOLLOW. I shall be discussing my thoughts on any (or lack of) twists in the film.


I went in expecting to enjoy this film. However, I was ready for a typical modern-day action film with over the top special effects and your typical storyline of ‘here’s the bad guy and what they are doing… here is the good guy and how they want to stop them. Oh look they have stopped the bad guy. The end.’ This is not the case. Genisys threw me off the scent a number of times and kept me on my feet throughout the whole film. I was surprised at first when Kyle was sent back through time and not John. It seemed to me that either one could go of course, but for me it felt right that John go as both the leader and the son of Sarah Connor. As Kyle stepped into the machine I figured that may well be the last we see of John, at least until the end of the film. That was a bit strange but I saw that as a bit of a surprise. Obviously once Matt Smith took a hold of him the story had to lead to what happenedterminator-5-8

Speaking of Matt Smith, that was strange. I noticed him wandering in the background with the camera holding onto to him just long enough for him to be noticeable. This technique is what made me recognise him as Matt but again, I was not expecting him to be a machine. This film has very cleverly taken big, popular names but not overused them. Emilia Clarke is obviously in the limelight these days as Daenerys but it is clear she was chosen as a perfect fit for what we have come to see Sarah Connor as. Did anyone ever watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles? They should have made that now with Emilia! No disrespect to Lena Headey… oh wait

I know it isn’t cool to like the Terminator films anymore. Everyone sees them as churned out pointless over the top action that is nothing compared to the original two (I realise this doesn’t apply to everyone, but most people I know seem to feel this way). Luckily my mum is a big fan like myself so I didn’t have to go to the cinema alone. We both agreed that with Genisys nothing was over the top. This film really was well made. I’ll be looking into the making of because I’m certain they have used less CGI than I’d assume would be used. To me, nothing looked too animated or unrealistic as many things do in cinema these days with the over use of CGI *COUGH* Peter Jackson *COUGH*. For example the opening of the film shows us the destruction of Judgement Day and the way San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge were destroyed on screen looked rather impressive. I’d like to think they used models like the good old days of Terminator, but I’m sure that’s wishful thinking.


So in conclusion I thought Genisys was great. It delivered a great new storyline and brought the series back to it’s roots. I need to go back and watch the first two (maybe three) again to refresh my memory. I am unsure if this is a follow on from the second and disregards the third or not. Anybody know? Please say so if you do.

Terminator Genisys was so awesome I'm watching the originals again... VHS still work right?
ajmatulewicz Terminator Genisys was so awesome I’m watching the originals again… VHS still work right?

Thank you for reading, I have not had time to post in a while so back to it. In case it is of interest I will be reviewing Jurassic World (wasn’t a fan), Drones by MUSE (was a fan) and the music festival Rock Werchter in Belgium which I attended recently. Keep an eye out. Post updates will also be available on my Twitter @AJMatulewicz



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