I am so grateful to be on the ground.

What with this being based on a true story and also that it’s about people climbing to the summit of Everest I had an inkling there were to be some casualties in this film. PLEASE DON’T READ ON BY THE WAY IF YOU DON’T WANT ANY SPOILERS. I was not aware that so many people did not make it back during the expedition. In fact, I had never realised so many people attempted to get there so often. The very idea of trying that is alien to me. I’m currently sat in my lounge, wearing pyjamas, watching Family Guy and drinking tea. I’m a comfort buff, sue me. The single aspect of an expedition up Everest I can get my head around is the fact that you keep getting told to drink tea…

I believe a lot of this film was shot in studio which doesn’t surprise me. You simply could not put actors in those conditions just for the sake of a film, but don’t worry it really did look fantastic and the cast all gave brilliant and believable performances. Rob Hall leads his team throughout their ascent to the summit, keeping them in check and ensuring nobody continues who shouldn’t. The man was clearly a good leader, a considerate man and generally a nice man. I found it strange however as he takes on the descent that he does not force those who want to keep going (I won’t say names just in case) to turn back and head down with everyone else. This was clearly his undoing. While I understand it was his job to look out for everybody’s safety it seems that his willingness to help meant his doom.


As there were multiple teams heading up the mountain there seemed to be rivalry between those that wanted to reach the peak first. I was assuming the film was going to focus on this and it would become a race between Hall’s team and the others. Thankfully (because that would have just completely ruined it) this didn’t happen. In fact, Hall’s team joins with Scott Fischer’s who is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. No way, right? I’m reviewing the work of Gyllenhaal. Scott is shown to be the laid back leader, the one who shows no fear and just wanders up and down the mountain between camps depending on where he is needed. It goes without saying I loved Gyllenhaal in this, he played the part well and gives a small amount of comic relief to some of the tragedy that hits the group.


I’m terrified of heights. I tried Go Ape once… never again. Watching this film just made me feel unsafe. When Steve and I left the cinema I won’t lie to you, we were cold. I felt shivery and unstable, the film looked so great that I think we just left the cinema feeling like we had been there ourselves. Why you would climb that I will never understand, it’s called the Death Zone for a reason people.

Anyway beside me being a wuss I really enjoyed this and I highly recommend you give it a watch. There are some aspects that make it really quite chilling, and I don’t mean because of the temperature… you’ll know what I mean.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to have to give The Martian a watch soon so keep an eye out for my thoughts and feelings.



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