In Mexico, Sicario means hitman.

Intense is how I would describe this film. If director Denis Villeneuve hadn’t gone dark enough with 2013’s Prisoners, he has surely made an impact here. The realism of the film keeps you staring and staring. Partially wishing it would end, partially longing for more. There were moments when I thought “right, I’ve seen enough mutilated bodies now I think”, but there was no leaving the cinema… despite the fact I had been there since 9am for work. So much care had been taken in securing a painfully real sense to both the look of the film and the story and that is what got me passed the gory.

FBI agent Kate Macer is plucked from the ranks in which she had become one of the best. She is recruited by the government to join a task force against the war on drugs. Their objective is to head to Mexico where they can use a cartel boss to flush out the top one. There are twists in this film. Good ones. I must say at this time that SPOILERS will follow so just hit back on your browser if you don’t want me to ruin this film for you.


Okay now it’s your own fault. Alejandro is also hired by the government to finish off the job in a way that trained soldiers could not legally do ‘by the book’. For a while I really didn’t trust this man. He is Mexican for a start. I have nothing against Mexicans of course! but in respect to the story there was every chance he could be a double agent and be a part of the cartel. Anyway, he proves himself to Kate after saving her from Ted (or Shane of The Walking Dead… geek out moment) only to fire a shot at her during a raid toward the end of the film. Now initially, you would assume this was a desperate act to keep her quiet while he makes off with the corrupt cop who is laundering drugs. However, he carefully aims for her body armour and tells her to leave.

Is he the bad guy but actually has some compassion? Hooked at this point by the way. Alejandro goes on to infiltrate the main boss’ home where he can finish the job at hand. If you have seen the film you may agree with me when I say fair play to what he did. It’s messed up don’t get me wrong, but as far as the film goes this man had to be the one to finish off this drug lord. Benicia Del Toro did a great job as the damaged Mexican hitman. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Sicario refers to Alejandro. I am a big Josh Brolin fan too and he was great as always, but I think it’s fair to say Emily Blunt nailed it. In my opinion, she is the best British actress in the industry right now. Not too long ago I didn’t really care for her work, but when you look back at films such as Edge of Tomorrow, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Adjustment Bureau it’s hard to see flaws in her performances. The emotion she can show on screen is quite entrancing and I look forward to seeing more from her since my new found love for her acting.


There isn’t much more to say about this film. Not because it’s bad… quite the opposite actually. It is so intense right the way through. Cleverly designed sound and music beats subtly at the right times to tell the audience things are about to kick off. I spent the whole film on edge, genuinely frightened for the men and for Kate as they approached each challenge. There was definite realism in the film which made this quite special. My boss loved this film. He claimed it was the best he has seen this year. I disagree, Southpaw has still been my favourite but Sicario will stick in my mind for some time.

Thank you for reading. I aim to get stuck back into these reviews over the next month.



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