The Walking Dead: From Start to Finish

It’s one thing to break mid way through a season as epic and exciting as the Walking Dead, but to wait two whole months after that! Let’s discuss everything that did and didn’t happen in the mid season finale shall we?


By opening the episode with Sam innocently placing his empty plate in the hall it was clear to me that he was not safe from the first scene. Surprisingly he made it through, but to end the episode with focus on him calling out to his mum only means trouble. Oh my days when he started doing that my whole body clenched up and I grit my teeth I thought we had a massacre coming… cue credits. Now, this wound me up big time! I don’t know about you but I would have nudged him or squeezed his hand or NOT INVITED HIM? This kid has been building up a mentality during the season that to me was leading up to something bad, but I imagined we were going to find him dead in his room perhaps. Depending on what happens in February it may have been safer if he had been left behind (ahh the Last of Us. References.)


Speaking of the credits I got as far thinking “no Daryl!? You can’t be ending this without an update on those guys.” Wow I wish they had now. Has anybody caught the clip after the credits? We see Abraham, Sasha and our hick hero rockin’ along like bosses until a group of armed bikers block the road. Naturally they tell them to leave the truck and that they are taking everything. What I didn’t expect was a new name.

“Your property now belongs to Negan”.

Fans of the comics will understand this I assume. By ending with this the name sticks out prominently from the episode, very clever. But all I am thinking is SCREW Negan. Do they know who they’re messing with…? I’d love comments from people about this if you have an idea of who Negan is and what sort of threat he is, but no major spoilers please!

I want to talk about what I thought we were going to see in this episode. What with the build up of Glenn’s return and the news of Maggie’s pregnancy it seemed to me that Glenn might return just in time to see her killed. Obviously, he did see her and she was in deep trouble on that platform but what’s going to happen in February? First episode back doesn’t mean safety as we should know and I can’t help but think that this is still a possibility. It had gotten to the point when I was over Glenn’s death and had moved on to worrying about Maggie. I lost a fiver to a mate on that one, I thought he was gone for good… evidently he wasn’t. Shame. Something else to think over and over before the show returns.


I don’t have a whole lot to say about Carol’s clash with Morgan other than she knows when to jump up and remind everyone she is a mega bad ass. I’ll be honest I can’t be bothered with Morgan’s attitude at the moment. I enjoyed his flashback episode as it really slowed things down and got people really thinking about the different ways people can chose to be in this world. They can’t all be toughened gunman after all… dynamics. Okay so the big deal here was the Wolf escaping with Denise. But what is he going to do with her? Killing her can’t be on the cards at least for now. That wouldn’t be dragged out, there is a story here and I feel he will take her away and try to use her. Maybe even turn her. What do people think?

So much to consider and so much left unfinished. Because of this I thought I would be unsatisfied toward the end but this show just proves you don’t need an episode reliant on pure action to keep a viewer hooked. I am so excited for the mid season premier it is already on my phone calender.

Thank you for reading!




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