Star Wars: The Force Has Indeed Awakened

I am not going to say a whole lot about The Force Awakens.


… is what you might ask. It’s perfect, that’s why.


The Force Awakens is the best film since The Return of the King back in 2003. It seemed as though J.J. Abrams could have taken on one too many of sci-fi’s biggest and best franchises. What with the success of his Star Trek series and the production of the third instalment going on so close to the release of his first Star Wars sequel I know that I was worried. But then that trailer was released. You know the one. A vague plot was presented to us about an agent of the dark side looking to follow in the footsteps of Darth Vader. We were shown some beautiful shots of the many landscapes throughout the galaxy, and we see the familiar faces of smugglers Chewbacca and Han Solo.


With all of this and not knowing what could be going on in the film I think we would all agree that the trailer gave us an immeasurable amount of excitement. For me, this was only multiplied by the film itself. Just that moment when the title appears and John Williams’ epic score begins with that first note was enough to blow me to a galaxy far, far away. Now, I am writing this a little late as I saw the film at midnight on Thursday 17th. However, I have been busy working since then in a cinema showing the film to plenty of other lucky beings who get to see it for the first time. We made a particular effort ourselves as you can see below taken from my instagram (Y)

Leia and I have been captured. I don’t know what they have done with Chewie, and they have taken the Falcon. If anybody reading this can help, please find Luke Skywalker. We need him.

On with the actual review. Like I said there is not much I can say about the film. The best thing to do is just list a whole lotta love qualities this film has that makes it so great. It is so polished it is in fact spotless, there is not a plot hole in sight (unless you are a mega Star Wars nerd in the way that I am of LOTR in which case you may find something maybe?.. nah you won’t), it’s great fun, the action is brilliantly executed, the effects look real, it is funny, the story is so so cool and the casting is spot on.

I love the new characters we meet in The Force Awakens. Oscar Isaac nailed the role of the charismatic pilot Poe Dameron who sends away a secret item with droid BB-8 (no spoilers here, you can keep going). John Boyega and Dailsey Ridley have a great chemistry on screen together bringing characters Finn and Rey straight up there with Han, Luke and Leia. At the very start I wandered what I thought of these three characters and how they were coming across, but very soon they settled so naturally into the series that it was like they had always been there.


You just can’t fault this. It seems the crew worked so hard on all of the props and scenery. In Lucas’ original trilogy most of the effects and droids and machinery seen on screen were hand made animatronics. As we know, episodes I, II and III didn’t exactly look nice. The poorly used green screen footage stained the Star Wars image and it seemed no squeal or prequel would be worth adding to the pile of disappointment (for the record I still enjoyed those three films, the story is great). But they went back to what made Star Wars so great in the first place. The Force Awakens not only follows Return of the Jedi through the story, but it follows it visually. It looks right and fits the visuals of the original trilogy taking the audience right back to where they left off thirty-two years ago (with consideration to the time gap in the story of course).


Well I have said enough, clearly I can say plenty about it. Just watch it okay? Tell me what you thought! I give it a solid 10/10.

Thank you for reading, here is another photo from our launch day at work from my instagram.

There was a chance this evening. I created a distraction and faced the enemy, allowing Leia to escape our captor as the rebellion arrived.Our conflict was intense and dangerous but I managed to subdue the storm trooper and must now venture to find allies.



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