How How I Met Your Mother Should Have Ended

Why haven’t the “how it should have ended” guys on YouTube not done this. I get that not everybody liked How I Met Your Mother, but for a popular American sitcom to anger so many fans in the way it did there should have been some direct abuse thrown at it. I don’t mean that, I love the show. Loved the show… yeah they ruined it.


Frustration aside I still have a full collection of HIMYM including the 9th and final season. I can still watch and enjoy that, but you can forget the final episode. I think the producers and writers knew how similar their format was to that of Friends. Scratch that, it was the same. But it worked so what is the problem? The problem IS that the writers avoided the “happily ever after” nicely rounded off ending we hoped for and expected of Friends. With that, they had to switch it up. I totally respect them for doing so as it goes against the comments about the show being so unoriginal, it is just such a shame that they chose the wrong story.

Kids, I’m going to tell you a story. The story of how I always wanted to bang your aunt Robin.

And, I’m sorry, but aunt Robin? You NEVER SEE HER ANYMORE TED. These kids are being told a story about aunt Robin and uncle Barney, two people they obviously did not grow up knowing as shown in the very badly storyboarded and edited skip through time in the final episode. 9 seasons of a man telling his kids about all the women he slept with before meeting their mother by the way… come on, bro.


So to the point. I didn’t set out here to nail into the show, as I said I am still fond of it and do still watch it. Not to mention this would be a very late review if that’s all I wanted to say. I have now watched the alternate ending and for those of you who have not I must tell you… it’s alright. By the way, spoilers so… you know.

They redeem themselves by keeping the mother alive. The woman we have been dying to meet for 9 seasons, really grow to like a lot (or at least I did) and finally agrees to marry Ted should not die. Bold move and the utmost respect to the writers and producers for running with it, but nah. Sorry. Keeping her alive makes that whole episode seem so much more fulfilling but don’t get too exited. As I said the alternate ending is only alright. The only change is the very end where instead of the mother being in a hospital bed, she’s not. Barney and Robin still break up (a massive middle finger to the audience after dedicating a whole series to their marriage), Lily and Robin are still no longer close, and Barney’s lifestyle which we all secretly admired and loved to watch remains creepy as hell and leads to the birth of his love child.


So in conclusion, it’s marginally better. If you still plan on watching season 9 back then by all means do so but I’d recommend switching to the alternate ending episode for the sake of the mother’s life and the entire idea of the show.


That’ll do, this is old news so I won’t go on any longer I just thought I should write down my feelings about this before I bottle them up and am ruined for future sitcoms (all of which suck now anyway and it’s all about DC).



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