“You’ve Got No AIR!”

AIR is a film I came across a couple of months ago. I saw the trailer and thought… “ah Norman Reedus.”


Actually, I didn’t once think I was watching Daryl in a different role. Reedus is Bauer for the 90 minutes, the character is entirely his own and so very different. This is a small film that looks at how the human instinct kicks in after months alone with one other person in a small bunker with lots of old equipment. The idea is that breathable air has become nonexsistant and not in a too distant future either. The two engineers (Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou) are tasked with guarding and maintaining machines which are preserving the lives of those who have vital skills and talent needed to save mankind.


The sets were put together and filmed as they are with no addition from special effects. The post production must have been very minimal on the film. It is quite clear that the director was looking to make something simplistic and real and he pulled it off excellently. The whole film is very organic and claustrophobic, it feels so real and you get a sense of what the situation would really feel like. These two only have each other, and every six months they are to wake up to an hour and thirty minutes of provided breathable air before having to finish up their work and go back to sleep.

The camera movement really builds up the tension of the film as it progresses. From the start while nothing out of the ordinary is going on there is minimal camera movement. Once things begin to progress we see a lot more going on through the way the shots are captured. It is this technique which adds to the realism of the film. It feels more like an 80’s sic-fi film what with the lack in effects but it looks better than most made today. The acting from the two main roles finishes this all off nicely. To only have each other to work off both actors delivered some emotional moments and gave a convincing performance.


I really enjoyed this. It is clever, tense, interesting and there are a few shocks in there too. AIR deserves a good 7.5/10.




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