Final Fantasy VII: Remake Visual Comparison

Square Enix made a dream come true during summers E3 announcements. The very reason to bother buying a next gen console (for me at least) rides on the release of the Final Fantasy VII complete remake… as if I didn’t play the original enough. On January 21st 2016, IGN released a 2 and a half minute split screen video. this displays the original Final Fantasy VII gameplay from 1997 on the left, and the new gameplay for PS4 on the right. Fans of the game will already know what this will look like if they have seen either the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, or the trailer for the remake. But already it is so strange to see some of the memorable early stages of the game totally remade, we are looking at the game going from big square blocks of colour to fully formed, neat and attractive 3D animation. Just take a look at Biggs, Wedge and Jessie for example!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 14.54.43.png

It is a short video but we can already tell so much from it. One thing that isn’t clear to me yet is how free roam the game will be compared to the original. There are clips we see of Cloud running through Midgar but I expect certain locations to have different accessible areas. My main concern is how the game will progress story wise without the world map feature. I have recently been playing FFXIII through again and I am not sure how much further I can bare to go. It is so linear it hurts, not to mention the awful story, scripting and boring characters. I like Lightning but let’s face it, she is Cloud with boobs and a cape.

We are teased with some battles where the left side will show the much missed turn based battle system compared to a much more open fight between Cloud and some men from Shinra (is that right? I haven’t played VII in a long time). What gives us some hope with the new battle system is the presence of the battle menu and Cloud’s status bar.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.04.13.png

My assumption from this example is we are looking at battles similar to FFXII. That would be okay with me to be honest as I am not sure how entering a battle where the enemy appears there alone would look quite right now. Also, I thought XII was good where XIII just tried to recreate the original battle system very poorly. It is nice to see the “Summon” option in there too and I am very excited to see the approach to summons. If it were up to me I would like them to act as they do in the original VII, VIII and IX. The summon should appear, make their single unique attack on the enemy and disappear. I am not fond of the way summons worked in XII and XIII as personal guardians to the characters (not to mention how they are practically transformers in XIII). X got it well balanced but like I say, the original use for summon would be very welcome to myself. #bringbackchocomog


Dialogue is looking like it is all spoken by the characters now. However I assume in gameplay when speaking to random passers by and maybe shop keepers we will be given a speech box. This flies for me just as it did in X. There isn’t too much else to be taken gameplay wise from this yet. As the video title says it is a visual comparison. I am told Square Enix plan to reveal more about the game and the battle system next month so until then I guess all I can say is take a look at the comparison. It was enough to get me more excited about the release so I do recommend.

Unfortunately the video will not upload via link so I shall just provide you the link to the page instead. Enjoy.



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