Legends of Tomorrow

Vandal Savage. Ancient Egyptian priest turned immortal dictator of doom (I like that, credit to myself there) is on a mission to rule the Earth. Another typical bad guy motive… why should we not yawn? Because of these guys!

Some argue there are too many superhero films and television shows right now and would say it all needs to slow down a bit. I would argue you can never have too many superhero films and television shows. It has taken a long time and a lot of bad films and shows to get to a point where they are worthy of awards (I am referring to the likes of Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Daredevil, this is not to say that none of them suck… you remember last year’s Fantastic Four reboot). Granted, CW’s Legends throws together seemingly insignificant characters from the studio’s hit shows Arrow and The Flash and this could be a sure way of tiring out the franchise, but when you consider how much back story there is to each character from the comics they are drawn from why miss the chance to find out more? In fact, let’s do that. Character profiles!


Sara Lance A.K.A The White Canary.

Back when Sara was introduced in Arrow I did not like her at all. Many have issues with Laurel, I had issues with Sara. The character annoyed me but it was more Caity Lotz and her rather forced performances. For a while she came across as wooden, like she had memorized her lines and that was it. I  am very interested in how I’m going to see her the next time I watch the show back though. Ever since Sara died it seems Caity has stepped up her game. I think the dark, blood hungry assassin style suits her better and I’m so excited that she has a full time role in Legends. She is awesome. Oh and she is the sister of Laurel Lance, sort of ex-lover of Oliver Queen and yeah, gets killed on a rooftop in season three of Arrow.


Leonard Snart A.K.A Captain Cold

Snart is a straight up crook who has no interest in being a hero. The villain of The Flash has shown signs of changing his ways throughout the show however, showing a small amount of loyalty to Flash himself. It would seem he could settle into the life of a hero throughout Legends, after first causing difficulties for the team I can assume.


Mick Rory A.K.A Heat Wave

Dominic Purcell plays the accomplice of Leonard Snart. Opposing to Captain Cold’s cryonic freeze gun, Heat Wave gets his name from a heat gun. The two are basically out to help themselves to whatever they like. When introduced in Season 1, episode 10 ‘Revenge of the Rogues’, the writers of The Flash couldn’t stop themselves adding references to Prison Break at any given chance. Wentworth Miller and Purcell teaming up as wanted men… it had to happen.


Jefferson Jackson & Professor Martin Stein A.K.A Firestorm

Ronnie Raymond wasn’t the most exciting character in the world. When merging two characters to create one superhero things can only get interesting if they clash personalities. When his pro football career hopes are shattered after the particle accelerator storm, Jefferson is recruited as a match for Firestorm. He is merged with Professor Martin Stein who becomes the intellectual mind of the merged body. Episode one of Legends shows Jefferson’s timid side. As a mechanic he has become used to normality, while Professor Stein is much more inclined to take a chance at time travel.


Khufu A.K.A Hawkman

Khufu, or Carter Hall as he is known in the modern day, is the latest reincarnation of an Egyptian prince who will forever reincarnate throughout time along with his soulmate Chay-ara. Unfortunately for them they lose each other each time… and forget who they are. Carter arrives in Central City in season 2 of The Flash when he finally finds Kendra Saunders.


Chay-ara A.K.K Hawkgirl

Kendra Saunders moves to Central City in season 2 of The Flash and starts to get close to Cisco. Unfortunately for him, Carter reminds Kendra who she really is along with the fact she can fly. The pair aim to destroy Vandal Savage when he comes to the city. This time they have the aid of the Green Arrow and the Flash and after a lot of fighting and some time travel thanks to the ability to run fast enough to do so (brilliantly overpowered), they appear to defeat him.


Ray Palmer A.K.A The Atom

If you don’t like Ray, you’re wrong (Steve). If you don’t know about The Atom, think of Ant-Man. I guess the only distinct difference is that Ray Palmer is rich and intelligent. For the record I didn’t like Ant-Man. Paul Rudd was a great choice and I look forward to the progression but…no. So Ray Appears in Starling City at the start of season 3 of Arrow. He buys out Queen Consolidated and sets out to bring back both the company and the city from the ashes. In doing so he renames the city ‘Star City’ which I really don’t like but hey, whatever. Ray wants to be remembered. After all the money, success and technological breakthroughs he learns from Rip that it all meant nothing to the world once he is gone. This is his chance to change his destiny.

The series hit the ground running and I really liked that about it. There was no slow build up. I half expected to be spending four weeks or so watching Rip Hunter doing the rounds on Star and Central slowly convincing each character why this move is best for them. There was only about two minutes of this. And it was in montage form… done, onto the first mission.


A brief trip into 1975 lands our heroes (not legends yet apparently) right in the deep end. Discovering a rather significant being from Chay-ara’s past and a short encounter with a Time Lord Master at the Tardis ship gave a small taste of what’s to come. I mean, we know what’s to come… this is a superhero show. You know what I mean. One thing I am curious about is the relationships that will build throughout the story. My guess is we are going to see a softer side to Snart eventually thanks to Sara but I’m not really worried about any of that right now. I want to see more Atom action. This isn’t a show that is going to take itself too seriously and I like that. When you consider the grittiness Arrow can deliver (or has the potential to going back to), and then the opposite comical and colourful style of The Flash it is great to see a show that is going to merge those styles and just have some fun with it.


A solid start, I’ll post my thoughts on the season conclusion. It’s impossible to straight up rate the season as a whole but as a start I’m giving it a 7/10.

Stay tuned…





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