Flashpoint: The Season Three Premiere

Kid Flash, Thawne and an alternate timeline. There is a lot crammed into this opening episode which could have been season spread. Flashpoint should never have been a one episode story, however for all I know it has only just begun.

The Flashpoint Paradox

I have watched the film and read the comics for The Flashpoint Paradox story but this was some time ago (heh, time) and I won’t pretend to be an expert. Season two ended at a big turning point. Barry had finally made the decision to save his mother after the death of his father.

This may as well be the opening title sequence now. We have seen that scene too many times for it even to have impact anymore. In season one, we catch a glimpse of future Flash stopping by this point in time to tell season one Flash not to save his mother. Time, right?

We haven’t yet seen the Flash we are following (let’s call him “current Flash”) make this move, so one can assume it was an act related to how season two’s Barry had messed with the timeline. Does anybody know what I’m on about? Those who really know what is going on will have left by now… I probably sound like a Flash novice.

The show seems to be following a theme by this point. Each season so far has ended on an event which should blow up the season and cause the following season to almost have to start again. I’m losing the sense of progression in the story because of this. We are always just back at season one, without Barry going through training.


Also, the first episode back has always resolved any major effects straight away. Season two episode one, The Man Who Saved Central City. We are already six months passed the incident with the black hole, and find Barry alive and well in his home universe. Flashpoint, the near death of Wally makes Barry see he needs to end his fantasy life and return back to normality. It’s all too fast… maybe that’s what Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg are doing here. Speed, right?

Could This Show be in Trouble?

This was a good episode, I’ll admit. However we have been here before and the show is proving once again that it likes to repeat itself. It is no longer funny when we see a new, sassy and well off version of Cisco. It is no longer exciting when we witness Barry meeting a version of the Flash.

Previously on the Flash, Wally West and Jesse Wells get hit by some energy which we can assume has given them powers. Wally West really IS Kid Flash in the comics since his fist appearance in issue #110, back in 1959. I like to think that season three will now follow on truly from the events of “The Race of His Life” (season two).


I believe the U.K are a little behind the States on this. Looking ahead at episode titles I see that “Paradox” is the next episode. Assuming we do follow season two, here’s hoping there is a hint of Flashpoint Paradox across this season. But if you ask me, you can’t do Flashpoint without Thomas Wayne.

Can the Show Match Flashpoint?

Super Girl does not appear in The Flashpoint Paradox. So other than a cheeky cross over it’s safe to say she will not feature throughout the main story this season. The Green Arrow is also not a key player in that story. So again, aside from the cross over, we can safely say he’ll be leaving the Flash to it.

I can’t see the CW doing Wonder Woman or even going near that side of the story so rule her out, Aquaman and Shazam. Deathstroke could certainly cameo though and it would be interesting to see a tease on his mission to discover Aquaman’s secret weapon. Lex would likely not be with him, but he could easily have a team of mercenaries as so in the story… maybe swapped out for mirakuru soldiers? Okay, that would be awesome.

The relationship with Iris is there, and that will always drive Barry through the story. Rightly so. I also really like Joe’s character so I’m really excited by the change in his relationship with Iris since the “Flashpoint” episode. But if the effects of Flashpoint are going to last the season I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the characters who take the roles of those from the comics.

If Barry loses his speed (again? yes, probably) I would expect to see the return of Harrison Wells to take the role of Thomas Wayne/ Batman to plug him into that machine (hang on they did this exact thing in season two) and blast him with lightning. Damn it would be good to see Barry strapped in on top of Wayne manor taking a lightning strike.


There’s Not a Witch or Wizard Who Went Bad Who Wasn’t in Slytherin

There are always new characters. For me, this is never welcome. I like who I like and disturb those characters and their current relationships and you had better be bad ass AF. Nah I’m kidding… I embrace new characters (most of the time). I forget my point.

When Tom Felton was announced as a cast member for season three I was desperate to know who he was playing. I still haven’t looked into it. I’m still excited, but it’s because of that, that I want to keep it as a surprise.

Jay Garrick was Zoom. I didn’t actually catch on to this for a while which was great! It was so good to have a genuine surprise in this show. I don’t know if Tom’s character will be good or bad (you may well know this… that’s fine). Personally, I hope he’s bad. He plays it well as we know and he’s English… who doesn’t like a stereotypical English bad guy in an American show?

Now Who’s the Villain, Flash?

We STILL haven’t seen the last of Eobard Thawne. I do like that there is an on-going villain, and seeing as it’s one of the Flash’s greatest foes it always keeps things interesting. At any moment he can rush in and throw things off course. But this runs the risk of repetition and for how long do we want this? We are only through two seasons with not much change after all.

So, has Barry let his parents die again only to find everybody he loves back in his reality suffer the consequences of time travel? We already know he made a selfish act to start with, knowing things could go wrong, so how far will Barry go for his own happiness?

There is massive potential for this story to repeat itself this season. There is also potential for it to go wildly different. As an episode, this wasn’t too bad at all. I’m optimistic for season three.




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