Spider-Man: My Homecoming

Is it too late to talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Either way I am writing about it. Further to that, I am writing more from now on as I wish to become much more productive again. That starts here.


Odd to start with, I know. But the main thing I want to say about this version of Spider-Man is the backbone to what I want to cover. As a part of the MCU and a link for Spider-Man into Avengers: Infinity War, Homecoming is the perfect set-up for the character in this world (aside from his introduction in Civil War).


It seemed too soon to start over after Sony made a sterling start to their Amazing Spider-Man series. But Marvel paid attention. Now we have a very different Peter with Tom Holland to what we did with Andrew Garfield and that sets this version a world apart from the last.

How a Young Spider-Man will Affect the Avengers


Peter Parker at fourteen is something we haven’t seen before. He’s much more naive, reckless and annoying (not for the viewer but you saw how he rattled Happy and Tony up). We have seen the Avengers get on the wrong side of each other before but not in such a protective manner. Stark acting as a mentor to Peter will bring a whole new dynamic to the team in Infinity War. 

There is more at stake with a young teenager fighting along-side them, more innocence even. Peter is essentially a boy who should be in school so how could bringing him into the team be a responsible decision?

The Iron Spider


We know Stark has many hopes and plans for Spider-Man, hence the creation of multiple suits packed with too many functions to get one’s mind around. I know little about the relationship between the characters in the comics themselves but evidently there will be opportunities for the web slinger to link up with Ironman on the battle field. And who doesn’t want to see that!

Is Tom Holland the Best Spider-Man so Far?


No. Not for me at least. He is great, don’t get me wrong. Holland portrays a very believable geeky schoolboy; his excitable nature toward being an Avenger is just how I think we would all feel given the chance. I can relate to this version a little too much…


Again, this is completely subjective but Andrew Garfield remains the best Spider-Man for me. He plays the loser very well but seems to carry this cool aura. He seems like somebody I’d want to be friends with.

Garfield delivered the witty lines perfectly and while Holland does this as well, Garfield did that first. Marvel Studios can’t replace my memories of watching the Amazing Spider-Man for the first time, as I discovered the first superhero film to really make me laugh.

Final Verdict

I loved Homecoming. I would have loved Marvel to take Sony’s series and work it into their MCU even more. It could have been done and it would have been so exciting to see Garfield’s interactions between the rest of the characters. But I totally understand why a younger Peter Parker is necessary, besides the fact the previous series had no MCU links which Marvel would have needed to create for continuity across the entire series. But overall it has a good story, great script, excellent cast and is very well tied into the Avengers. 

Let me know who you think has been the best web-slinger so far.



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